Shott 1 litre Plastic Bottle Syrups

Price: $17.95 NZD

Shott Banana Syrup 1 litre

Uses real banana and natural colours, flavours and sweeteners to create a deliciously syrup. Great in milkshakes and smoothies.

Shott Chocolate Syrup 1 litre

A deluxe blend of Swiss processed unsweetened chocolate and the finest Dutch cocoa powder. Enjoy the sweet spicy aroma and rich cocoa taste. Exceptional hot or cold.

Shott Kiwifruit Syrup 1 litre

Shott kiwifruit syrup is made from real New Zealand Gold kiwifruit which gives it a delicious tropical sweet flavour. Add to milkshakes, smoothies and desserts.

Shott Mango Syrup 1 litre

Take a taste vacation with mangos and discover a new world of flavour.Keep a bottle in the pantry to for sauces, marinades, smoothies and cocktails.

Shott Passionfruit Syrup 1 litre

Cocktails, fruit smoothies, desserts and summer drinks, a REAL all rounder.

Shott White Chocolate 1 litre

Who can resist the swirling taste of ivory coloured chocolate? Rich and Silky, White Chocolate syrup will add distinctive sweetness and depth to just about anything.