Accessory Pack Large

From: $139.00 NZD

Know someone who loves their coffee?

Surprise them with this exceptional value combo deal, or purchase for yourself.

Get a quality Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper, Premium Tamping Stand and a 175mm Knock Tube in the colour of your choice in this excellent combo deal.

Our 51mm Tampers are Polished Stainless Steel and 58mm Tampers are the one style in Crema Pro Design handle colours for the 58mm are Black, Grey and Red both tampers have Stainless steel bases, enough range to suit almost everything from home espresso machines to commercial machines.

The Premium Tamping Stand features a raised stainless steel stand with rubber top, affixed to a solid rubber tamping mat with a recess for your tamper to sit when not in use. They measure 155 x 105mm and stand approx 60mm high. They are easily interchangeable for right and left sided use. The recess for the handle to slide into is 30mm wide and 35mm deep. The top of the stand, including rubber measures 5mm in thickness to fit most portafilters. Our sturdy Knock Tubes stand 175mm tall and look great in any kitchen. They are available in a range of colours including Yellow, black, grey, red and Almond to really make a statement!They knock tubes feature a stainless steel rod and replaceable rubber sleeve so wont damage your portafilter and are fitted with a full rubber base to prevent sliding across the bench.They are also detergent and dishwasher safe.Just let us know what colour knock tube and tamper size/design you would like.

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