illy iperEspresso Capsules Dark Roast

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illy Iper-Espresso Capsules - Dark

The illy iperEspresso method allows anyone to prepare cafe quality espresso and cappuccino at home with ease and simplicity using a Francis Francis X7 espresso machine and illy iperEspresso capsules. Unlike conventional one-stage systems, the iperEspresso method uses an innovative, patented two-stage process to create intensely aromatic, full-bodied espresso with rich, velvety crema that lasts for longer. Each capsule contains seven grams of perfectly roasted and expertly ground and tamped 100% Arabica illy coffee.You need 7 grams of an excellent coffee blend to make a wonderful espresso. That's not enough though: the extraction time, the interaction between water and coffee, the temperature and the barista's skills all come into play when making an espresso. The illy iperEspresso capsule is the perfect solution to the problem, as it contains all the elements to make a flawless espresso at the touch of a button. illy iperEspresso: a perfect illy espresso in every capsule. Each tin of Dark Roast contains 21 iperEspresso capsules.

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