Accessory Pack - Starter Cleaning Kit

Price: $19.90 NZD


Maintain your home coffee machine to the highest level and save $$.

Designed for the budget conscious home espresso enthusiast, the Starter Cleaning Kit will allow you to keep your machine performing to it's best, keep your coffee tasting as good as ever and extend the life of your machine.

The Starter Cleaning Kit includes the following items:

Urnex Cleancaf Cleaner to clean your boiler/ thermoblock and internal water lines. Cleancaf is designed to remove flavor-tainting stale coffee oil residue from home Espresso machines and coffee equipment. Its dual action formula also prevents the accumulation of limescale deposits which are responsible for slow brew times and machine malfunctions. Portion packaged for easy use, each box contains 3 sachets. A Group Head Cleaning Brush to scrub the coffee oil deposits from your group head. A Group Head Cleaning Brush is a must for regular maintenance of your espresso machine. Cleaning of the group head should be conducted regularly to avoid the build up of coffee residue which can effect the taste and aroma of your espresso. Specially designed fins on the handle direct hot water away from your hands while cleaning and they are detergent and dishwasher safe.

A Microfibre Cloth measuring approx 300 x 390mm for adding that clean and polish to your pride and joy.

The hard wearing group head cleaning brushes are available in black, red, grey, yellow, baby blue, navy blue, and lime green, a colour to suit every kitchen and personality.