Rancilio Silvia E

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Rancilio Silvia E

Rancilio have changed the Silvia to be more energy efficient. The new Silvia E Edition has a new foam wrapped boiler and power cut off.

The Rancilio Silvia E espresso machine is in a class all by itself. Whilst most manufacturers have a range of domestic and commercial machines, Rancilio is primarily a commercial coffee machine manufacturer. Rancilio only make one domestic coffee machine; the Silvia. All the expertise of building high quality commercial coffee machines has been compressed and built into a machine for the home that has a reputation for solid performance and reliability.

It has a large brass boiler that allows for ample steam product, a solid brass 58mm group head for superior heat stability and an iron frame with stainless steel casing for long lasting durability. The portafilter comes with a commercial, ergonomically designed handle, as standard equipment. Other features include a built in cup warmer, hot water dispensing for hot chocolates, tea, and long espresso drinks. A newly designed multi directional steam wand makes milk frothing even easier, as you can use a variety of size and shape jugs. The Silvia has a large water reservoir which is filled from the top of the machine so this can be done easily at any time for continual production of great shots.

Impressive steaming power: Once the Silvia is up to steaming temperature, it produces surprisingly powerful, dry steam.
Solid brass boiler: Many espresso machines in Silvia's price range have aluminum boilers, which don't retain heat as well as brass.
Commercial-grade components: From the commercial portafilter to the internal workings, everything on the Silvia is built to last.

(Cups not included) 
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