Price: $7.90 NZD

This E61 seal will fit any machine with a E61 group head will also be compatible with Conti, Pavoni, Rancilio, Aurora, Elektra,Isomac Millennium Faema, Futurmat, Marzocco, Vibiemme, Wega and ECM. Dimensions, External diameter 73mm, Internal Diameter 57mm, Thickness 8mm.

Filter seals should be replaced on an e61 group head espresso machine at least every 12 months. Over time heat causes the filter seal to harden and the abrasive effect of coffee causes these seals to wear. If your machine starts dripping water around the outside of the portafilter during brewing then its time to change the group head seal. The group head seal is secured into the group head by friction and also holds the shower or dispersion screen in place.