Accessory Pack - Professional Cleaning Kit

Price: $39.90 NZD

Maintain your home coffee machine investment to the highest level and save over 20% on regular prices with our Professional Cleaning Kit.

Designed for use with high end, '3-way Solenoid Valve' machines which require regular back-flushing, the Professional Cleaning Kit combined with regular cleaning will help keep your machine performing to it's best, keep your coffee tasting as good as ever and extend the life of your machine.

The Professional Cleaning Kit includes the following items:

Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner 560g.....This leading brand espresso machine cleaning powder is used to remove the coffee residues which build up on your coffee machine and spoil the taste of your coffee. You simply place some of the powder in the blind filter when backflushing an espresso machine that has a commercial-type group head (one with a pressure release mechanism).

This concentrated powder is formulated to dissolve quickly and for easy rinsing. 3-4g is sufficient for cleaning your group head.

A Group Head Cleaning Brush to scrub the coffee oil deposits from your group head,

A Rubber Back-flushing Disc for placement in your portafilter handle to correctly carry out the backflushing process,

A Microfibre Cloth for adding that clean and polish to your pride and joy.

The hard wearing group head cleaning brushes are available in black, red, grey, yellow, baby blue, navy blue, and lime green, a colour to suit every kitchen and personality. Brushes are available in Black..

1x Packet Cafetto @home Eco Descaler Powder
Eco-friendly and registered for organic use. This blend of organic acids will descale your home/office espresso machine, kettle and coffee brewer/dripolator.

- Phosphate free
- Biodegradable

- GMO free
- Registered for Organic Use

4x25g sachets provides 4 doses