Accessory Pack - Professional Barista Kit

Price: $219.00 NZD

Now the budding Home Barista can have it all with our complete Professional Barista Kit for the home. We have colour and size options to suit almost any requirement. This kit is perfectly designed for customers with a home espresso machine that requires back-flushing via its 3 way solenoid valve.

The Professional Barista Kit gives you all the accessories to assist you to make the perfect coffee at home, as well as essential cleaning products to ensure your machine continues to perform at it's best and keeps your coffee tasting as good as the day you brought it.

This kit features a full range of coffee accessories specially compiled at My Espresso and includes:

  • The Coffee's Bean 175mm tall Knock Tube,
  • Stainless Steel Tamper,
  • Premium Tamping Stand,
  • Milk Thermometer,
  • Group Head Cleaning Brush,
  • Cocoa Shaker,
  • 600ml Milk Jug,
  • Cafetto @home eco descaler powder.
  • Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine 'Shampoo',
  • Rubber Back-flushing disc,
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth.

Our 51mm tampers come in stainless and 58mm Tampers are the one style in Crema Pro Design handle colours for the 58mm are Black, Grey and Red both tampers have Stainless steel bases, enough range to suit almost everything from home espresso machines to commercial machines.

The sturdy knock tubes stand 175mm tall and look great in any kitchen. The knock tubes, group head brush and cocoa shaker are available in a range of colours including baby blue, black, grey, orange, red and yellow.

This represents great value for money...

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