Coffee/Milk Frothing Thermometer "SPECIAL DEAL"

Price: $9.95 NZD

Milk thermometer is a must for your coffee preparation. This is a Milk/Coffee Thermometer with the "Green Dial" with a 3.5cm Dial Face.

- Milk that is too hot can make the coffee taste burnt.
- Avoid burning your mouth with milk that is over heated.
- Get your coffee temperature just right so as you can enjoy it straight away, rather than waiting for it to cool.

This stainless steel milk frothing thermometer has been purposely designed for use at home . It is perfectly sized to suit most coffee machines and milk frothing jugs. Features include:

- Made from quality, food grade stainless steel.
- 12.5cm long thermometer stem.
- Easily readable 3.5cm diameter dial face.
- Coloured band indicating optimum milk temp.
- Temp. range from 0 to 120 degrees C.
- Designed For Domestic Use. Home Barista
- Stainless steel clip for securing to milk frothing jug.

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