illy Espresso Ground Coffee - Dark Roast

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illy Espresso Ground Coffee - Dark Roast 250g tin

Discover the pleasure of illy Ground Espresso Coffee, the celebrated Italian espresso coffee served in the finest restaurants and cafes and enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs worldwide. Savor its distinctive taste, perfected for espresso and prized for its full, rich body and smooth, balanced flavor. Experience the singular luxury of a native Italian cup of coffee, the result of three generations of expertise and passionate pursuit of quality by the illy family of Trieste, Italy, since 1933. The signature blend of sustainably grown 100 percent Arabica beans you'll find in Illy Espresso Coffee (8.8oz) is meticulously selected, expertly roasted and packed for freshness in an air-free, pressurized environment to flavor seal precious aromas and oils. Today, illy's distinguished legacy of coffee innovation continues with its unwavering commitment to delighting coffee lovers.

illy Ground Espresso Coffee is a beautiful dark roast, specially crafted for espresso machines. Made with quality kosher ingredients, this coffee comes already ground for a quick and convenient cup of delicious espresso. Perfect for an energizing boost, this espresso's caffeine content is no higher than 1.5 percent. With a resealable container, this coffee will be kept fresh until the very last cup.